Welcome to our new webshop.

Here you find all our products that are available thru our webshop, if you have any questions let us know, we mostly answer within 24 hours, except when we are traveling to launches or other destinations.

Please read the information below before continuing to our webshop.

REBEL Space is no longer dealer of the CTI products including Rocket Motor Hardware, Reloads and Nose Cones.

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Rockets and parts

Please read this section before continuing in our new webshop;

Here we will list special items and special information about our products.

As we have a fully new webshop, all clients have to make a new login and a new client number will be made.

Most products are in stock, but we are working to get the stock in the webpage, this will however take some more time due too the fact that this is allot of work. Products that are out of stock take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Products that are not in stock, but only made to order are Fruity Chutes and all Drone Recovery systems. Sometimes we have stock on those, but as the demand is very high, production on the moment can just keep up with the demand, we are investing to get this solved and produce stock on most items that are in high demand.

We list most information about a product on its product page, lots of information can however also be found on our download pages on the Main Website. We are still in the proces of revising allot of documents and producing new info, so inform with us if you have a special question left.

Reloads can only be ordered under the regulations below, also as the choice is very large we do not keep stock on these. Delivery on these is 2 to 3 months as we have 4 to 5 shipments a year from CTI on the moment. We plan to go to monthly deliveries to cut back on delivery time however.

Dangerous Goods or reloads orders and shipping;

If you want to buy reloads you need to be a professional user or company, or a certified member of a EU, Tripoli, NAR, UKRA rocketry organization or a rocket organization with their own safety protocols and be holder of a Explosive that is needed in your country to be able to receive, store, handle and use explosives class 1.4 or 1.3.

Reloads and Igniters can only be delivered at launches or your location by REBEL Space, shipped by a special freight company or picked up at REBEL Space, contact us for the involved costs. Be aware that Reloads and Igniters are considered dangerous goods and can’t be shipped with the regular mail. The receiver is responsible that the licenses and authorization papers are valid and in place for every shipment.

Organizations of launches, please contact us in time if you need our support and or supplies so we can fit it into our agenda. Fliers can pre-order reloads thru our website, please do this well in advance as we restock reloads about every 2 to 3 months due too the large range in choice of reloads.

As a result of tracking laws concerning explosives in the EU, all reloads and other explosive items are issued a unique number and matrixcode for tracking purposes, this number will be registered and also registered under the clients name and storage address in a authorized tracking and registered data base for the authorities in Europe. All tracking info stays in this database for the authorities, and concerns manufacturer, type, clients name and location, application, and when the explosive is used or destroyed according EU laws this will have to be added. All details on this can be found in EU directive 2008/43/EU. Contact us if you need more information about this as you will also have to register all tracking data in a own data base for reference.