REBEL Space was founded in 2000 in the Netherlands to serve the rocketry community with high quality systems, parts and services.

Since then the company has been expanding in several Air & Space fields and Defense, in several application fields of products and services that result from Engineering and Development in AeroSpace and Defense.

Our customers are ranging from Amateur Rocket builders, Universities, the Space industry like CNES (France), DLR (Germany), NAROM (Norway), up to specialized civil companies and defense departments in a our product range.

Our main focus are Design, Engineering, Development, Manufacture, Delivery and Product Support of Rockets and Rocket Systems, Rocket Propulsion, Pyrotechnical Systems, UAV – UAS and Drone Recovery Systems, Drone Aviation Systems, PolyCoil Polymeric and Mono Blocks Heat Exchangers and training on these products for civil and defense uses. We can also provide you with training and setup of Human Factors and Procedures.

Our second focus, but just as important, is delivering products of a high quality and reliability with excellent customer support. Our engineering team gives engineering support when developing special new products on clients request or when adapting existing OEM products to the specific clients’ needs.

The company profile and goals of REBEL Space are simple and direct. We keep our people constantly in the loop on developments and work with direct lines to everyone involved. Our management setup is horizontal and as a result lines are short and information can reach the people involved directly.

Thinking outside of the box is a main design and development stream for our engineering company. Our engineering team works to get you the best possible product that is available for your needs on the moment or the nearby future. Our commercial team can support the client product wishes and works closely together with our engineering team to satisfy the client needs.

Simple solutions thru quality and reliability are the trademarks of our engineering firm. This also makes that we only choose those products that meet these lines, so we can rely on the continuity and reliability of the products for a long time. Only thru this we can gain the thrust of our clients and deliver what is expected, and more so we are able to build long lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Products are developed by REBEL Space or together with several other specialized OEM companies in direct line with the REBEL Space philosophy. This way we can keep costs low and our overhead small, as a result we can very easy adapt to changing situations, new products and adapt products where needed to our clients demands. When developing new products we take care of the needed certifications and also arrange this for the products from OEM manufactures for the EU market.

REBEL Space has built up a large network for these products and its support; is well known in this network and has carried out many contracts to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

We developed our brand to be recognizable by clients and suppliers, to make the quality visible of the products that we develop, sell and support.

REBEL Space stands for; Fast Communication, Clear Engineering, Excellent Service and Product Advice, Trusted and Valued Partner, Flexible and delivering Top Quality On Time.

Our goal is to grow within the next decade to a medium size company that extends its products and support thru the whole of Europe and beyond.


  • Sounding Rockets
  • Rockets and Rocket parts
  • Rocket Motors
  • RADAR Drone Rocket
  • Meteorological Rocket
  • Rocket Demo’s
  • Display Models
  • CanSat Rockets
  • Ash Launches
  • Launch Systems
  • Drone Recovery Systems
  • Special Effects
  • Test Equipment

Heat Exchangers;

  • Polymeric and PE Heat Exchangers
  • Dual Sun Power Solar Energy
  • Mono Block Heat Exchangers


  • Camera Systems for Surveillance
  • Drone Aviation WATT and WASP
  • Pyrotechnical Products








Contact us to fulfill your product needs with the best solution possible.

On the moment we have no job openings, but if you are interested, please send us your CV and we will keep it on file for the future as we are expanding continuously.

Students can contact us for internship possibilities.