A RDRS installed on a Drone for tests, the test flight was very succesfull with a very low altitude recovery. The system will be further developed and integrated in several Drone systems. We now produce Drone Recovery systems for Heli and Fixed Wing Drones up to 50 kg.

CGI Rocket


For CGI we rebranded a rocket after some modifications were done by REBEL Space.



During a launch campaign we trained a graduate student group from the Reykjavik University in Iceland and built several rockets with them and had 3 succesfull launches in Iceland in May 2014. REBEL Space sponsored part of the launches.





In April 2014 we trained a Portuguese group that organized the first Portuegese CanSat campaign in 2014 using the REBEL Space CanSat rocket systems. The CanSat campaign was a great succes and will have a great follow up in 2015.




NAROM Launched several rocket systems in 2014 with great succes that were designed and manufactured by REBEL Space, in 2015 another batch of 20 rockets will be delivered.

Pictures are courtesy of Jøran Grande from NAROM.