Louis Schreyer from Germany built this beautifull Saturn 1B, it will fly during RJD in Leipzig.


Terry Leright from the USA built these two carbon fiber birds from scratch, they will fly on CTI N motors during BALLS 2009. Terry will fly them with Tiny RDAS avionics.


Tripoli the Netherlands member Joost van Oranje built his Level 3 rocket, this rocket was sponsored by LOGICA and will have some special developed electronics as a payload, these electronics were developed by the Space Division of LOGICA.


All fliers that participated during RJD 2009 near Leipzig Germany,


Robin Smits, the chairman of Tripoli the Netherlands with his scratch build Level 2 rocket which he flew successfully two times during RJD and certified Level 2.


All fliers that participated in NRT 2009 in Germany.


Willem Knoop and his Level 1 PML Kit.