Jouni Kaivarainen with his BSD Horizon.



Eric Vandergriff has build a Quest Intruder Upscale, REBEL provided the custom slotted tube and the custom cut REBEL G10 Fins.

Eric Vandergriff's 3x upscaled Quest Intruder "The SkyPirate"

Eric Vandergriff’s 3x upscaled Quest Intruder “The SkyPirate”




Joris Heydt and Max Hinne have built 2 Rebel/RedBaron sponsored REBELPirates for a science project. Joris and Max are going to investigate the ideal weight phenomena against the altitude the rockets can reach. For this the REBEL Pirates will be flown with different weight configurations and an AltAcc for the flight data.



The Obi Wan of Thiemo van Engelen before his successful Level 1 flight at NetherLaunch One.



Robert Duin with his First One before his Level 2 attempt at NetherLaunch One.


The Luna III of Chiel Klijn during his successful Level 3 flight at ALRS 2.