REBEL Space can provide you with the following AeroSpace related products;

  • Sounding Rockets
  • Rockets and Rocket parts
  • Rocket Motors
  • RADAR Drone Rocket
  • Meteorological Rocket
  • Rocket Demo’s
  • Display Models
  • CanSat Rockets
  • Ash Launches
  • Launch Systems
  • Drone Recovery Systems
  • Special Effects

On our download page you can find PDF’s of most of our products and details. Most products however are produced to specifications of the client.

For all products listed on this page, contact us for details or further information concerning your questions or special product requirements.

REBEL Space SUN FLARE Sounding Rocket;

The SUN FLARE Sounding Rocket is capable of reaching altitudes up to 225 km, fully flight tested motor system and has a fully flight proven guidance system for Navigation and Control. Multiple parts of this Sounding Rocket are re-usable to keep flight costs as low as possible and the Payload Bays and Nose Cone can be adapted to clients mission demands.

The Basic project setup for every launch consists of the following parts;

  • Rocket
  • Payload
  • Launch Location
  • Ground Safety Setup
  • Launcher Setup
  • Recovery Setup
  • Transport

Payloads can consist of the following;

  • CubeSats, several small ones or several larger ones up to 250mm outside diameter
  • Medical / Scientific or Commercial Micro Gravity Experiments
  • Ashes
  • Payload release in Space
  • Satellite with Booster Motor attached to launch out of the Payload Bay
  • Atmospheric Experiments or Studies
  • Universities or Space Industry test and research programs
  • Special customer needs
2012 SUN FLARE Assembly

Meteorological rocket

REBEL Space can offer clients a single-use meteorological rocket for lightning research.

Rockets and Rocket parts

REBEL Space designs, manufactures and sells Hobby rocket parts and kits for the Hobby Rocket community, professional rocket parts, rockets for universities and for the professional rocket market in the EU.

We are developing an own sounding rocket system on the moment for altitudes up to the Space Frontier, this system will be developped in a Rocket System that will be able to insert a CubeSat into low orbit.

We design and manufacture launch systems (Rockets, Motors, Parts and ground systems) to the client needs and provide engineering support thru the whole process.

We design and manufacture specific rockets for most of the the European CanSat programs (ESA / NAROM / LEEM), are active in Ash Rocket launches (deceased people), setup Rocket Demo flights and manufacture Rocket Display Models in all sizes to the clients need.

Clients range from Hobby Rocket builders, European Universities, CNES and Planete Sciences, DLR, NAROM, ESA and many more in Europe.

REBEL Space supplies Rockets and parts in a very wide range for the hobby flier ranging from LPR, MPR, HPR up to Research (Experimental) Rocketry. All these products can be found in the online shop.

Since 2000 a steady growing stream of our products and our dealer products have found a way to hobby fliers all over the EU and beyond. Also several universities, Space Companies and Organizations all over the EU have found us to supply them with their demands. Some projects can be found on our customer page.

Besides the regular supplies we also manufacture allot of parts and whole kits and fully built rockets on special order. For lots of fliers, universities and companies we have designed and manufactured special rocket kits ranging from Level 1 up to Level 3 and rockets for Research (Experimental) flights.

Up on demand we can supply kits from all kind of materials like Paper, Phenolic, Reinforced (with Glass fiber, Carbon fiber or Kevlar fiber), Glass fiber, Carbon Fiber or Aluminum tubing.

  • Dealer of the main US, Canada’s and European Rocketry Companies
  • Wide selection of Rocket kits for MPR, HPR and Research
  • Custom kits can be designed and manufactured
  • Own REBEL line of Rocket kits and products
  • Wide selection of Rocket Parts
  • Phenolic Tubing
  • Glass Fiber Tubing
  • Carbon Fiber Tubing
  • Bulkplates and Centering Rings from Aircraft Grade Plywood, Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber
  • AeroPack Retainers
  • Main types of Rail Guides, Buttons and Hardware
  • Plastic and Glass Fiber Nose Cones
  • Composites
  • Parachutes and Recovery systems from REBEL, RocketMan and Fruity Chutes
  • Electronic flight computers, altimeters and tracking systems from REBEL, Marshall Radio Telemetry, AED, Altus Metrum, Featherweight, Missile Works and Black Magic Missile Works with or without GPS capabilities
  • Launch Systems from LPR up to Sounding Rockets
  • Books on Rocketry, Calenders from NADINE
  • Rocket Software, RockSim dealer for the EU market
  • Several Rocketry related gadgets
  • REBEL Apparel, T-shirts, caps and hats
  • Decals and custom decals
  • Clearance Items

Dangerous Goods or reloads orders and shipping;

If you want to buy reloads you need to be a professional user or company, or a certified member of a EU, Tripoli, NAR, UKRA rocketry organization or a rocket organization with their own safety protocols and be holder of a Explosive that is needed in your country to be able to receive, store, handle and use explosives class 1.4 or 1.3.

Reloads and Igniters can only be delivered at launches or your location by REBEL Space, shipped by a special freight company or picked up at REBEL Space, contact us for the involved costs. Be aware that Reloads and Igniters are considered dangerous goods and can’t be shipped with the regular mail. The receiver is responsible that the licenses and authorization papers are valid and in place for every shipment.

Organizations of launches, please contact us in time if you need our support and or supplies so we can fit it into our agenda. Fliers can pre-order reloads thru our website, please do this well in advance as we restock reloads about every 2 to 3 months due too the large range in choice of reloads.

As a result of tracking laws concerning explosives in the EU, all reloads and other explosive items are issued a unique number and matrixcode for tracking purposes, this number will be registered and also registered under the clients name and storage address in a authorized tracking and registered data base for the authorities in Europe. All tracking info stays in this database for the authorities, and concerns manufacturer, type, clients name and location, application, and when the explosive is used or destroyed according EU laws this will have to be added. All details on this can be found in EU directive 2008/43/EU. Contact us if you need more information about this as you will also have to register all tracking data in a own data base for reference.


RADAR Drone Rocket

Drone on stand
Drone Rockets

REBEL Space developed a drone rocket family for radar system calibration, details can be found in the pdf in the download section.

Several sizes of Drone Rockets ranging from 2.5 – 3.0 – 4.0 and 6.0 inch wide and a rocket on a single rocket launch system.

Rocket demo’s
REBEL Space can arrange rocket demo flights. Demo flights can exist of launching one or several rockets out of our inventory, or specially designed and built rockets fitted to your needs.

Examples of Demos;

  • Rocket flight and recovery
  • Motor demonstration flight
  • Media demonstration flight



Display models


REBEL Space can manufacture museum quality Display models of Fact and Fiction. These can be flying or static Display models to any scale you need.

CanSat program

The CanSat programs for schools and Universities have been growing enormously the last few years in the world. During a CanSat program, students design, built and launch a CanSat satellite that comes back to earth on its own parachute. The CanSat exists of a standard soda can, in which the electronics or other instruments are fitted.

Details of our products for the CanSat program can be found in a pdf in the download section.

The CanSat program was started by AeroPac 15 years ago, AeroPac is a US Rocketry Organization, and on the moment CanSat programs are being run in the USA, Europe and South America. Schools and Universities from all over the world participate in these programs. Local rocket builders, rocket organizations, schools and universities to heighten the interest of young people in Air and Space and technology are financing these programs.

REBEL Space provides a special designed Rocket for the ESA EU CanSat Competition. This rocket is capable of launching 2 CanSats for very low costs up to 1000 meter or higher. This rocket is being used since 2008 throughout Europe and in other parts of the world during the CanSat competions.

This rocket system has been used with great succes by the; Spanish CanSat organization, the French (CNES) CanSat organization, Portugal, Italy, NAROM Norway and several other EU CanSat organizations. We supply them with Training, Rockets, Launch Equipment and Rocket Motors for these launches.


Launch from Andoya Rocket Range and one of the REBEL Space CanSat Rockets during the 2012 ESA / NAROM CanSat Competion (Pictures courtesy of NAROM).

Ash launches

REBEL Space has developed a rocket system to launch human or animal ashes to be scattered into the sky.

Family of the deceased can witness the launch and scattering of the ashes, launches however have to be planned and have some lead time from weeks up to months depending on the weather and launch location.

The scattering of the ash is filmed by an outboard high-resolution camera and later presented on a DVD to the family of the deceased.

Launch systems

REBEL Space designs and manufactures Launch Systems for rockets from LPR, MPR, HPR, Research up to Sounding Rockets.

We have several systems that have been developed thru the years, and several that are in development and can be suited to your needs.

Former Appollo 10 Commander presses the button of a REBEL Space Launch system at the 40th anniversery of the first moonlanding at the Dutch Space Expo.


Drone Recovery Systems

REBEL Space developed a line of Drone Recovery Systems that can be used for Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aircraft Drones or UAV’s. These systems can be used in emergency situations to safely recover your Drone or UAV to protect your sensitive equipment investment.

Authorities more and more demand a safe environment around a Drone or UAV to protect surroundings and prevent damage when something goes wrong. With a RDRS you have a safe backup recovery method for your Drone or UAV.

Our systems are in use with several Drone operators and have proven their worthiness during emergencies.

Our systems are now capable of up to 50 kg drone weight.

RDRS-01 on drone

Special effects

REBEL Space can produce special effects in a wide range of fields when they are rocket related.

Special effects can cover rocket flights for media purposes, films and other fields where special effects are needed.

The REBEL Space Team or together with a UK group that has done several projects for Top Gear, Discovery Channel and several other media, we can get the projects done that fit your need. REBEL Space has supplied several of these media projects in the past with rocket motors, supplies, designs and other materials to get the job done.

Here a sled in Norway that was propelled with a Hybrid Motor in 2008 for a Norwegian television program. Ky Michaelson, the Rocketman from Minneapolis USA helped out with this project. REBEL Space provided the Hybrid Fuel cells.