REBEL Space is active in multiple fields of AeroSpace Technology since 2000;

  • Designing, Manufacturing and Launching Rocket Systems for Clients, Universities, the Professional Space Industrie and Defense;
  • Applying AeroSpace technology in Designing and Manufacturing Drone / UAV / UAS landing and emergency recovery systems;
  • Marketing of Plastic Heat Exchangers in Europe and Designing and Manufacturing of the Dual Sun Power Solar Panel;
  • We provide full product support from design and development up to testing, certification, manufacturing and operations.
  • REBEL Space provides training in all these fields to clients and can provide clients with special training in Human Resource Management.

You can also visit our websitse dedicated to the Dual Sun Power Solar Panel and its applications;

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Rockets and parts

REBELSPACE is an European leader in AeroSpace related products


We have been designing and building rockets since the late 60’s of the last century. Our passion for rockets has been around for a whole lifetime.


We use the latest and proven technology in our designs to engineer solutions for you.


We keep things simple and direct, KISS is one of our main moto’s.

Details done right

Engineering Solutions.

  • AeroSpace

    We design, manufacture and launch Rocket Systems and Rocket Support Systems.

    As a specialty we also design and manufacture Drone/UAS/UAV recovery systems for normal and emergency landing.

  • Heat Exchangers

    We market Plastic Heat Exchangers for air to air applications.

    We support these with engineering design, marketing and special applications in many fields.

    A special product can be found at, this is a Solar Panel that also produces heat from the Solar Panel.

  • Security

    We market high end security surveillance systems for civil and military use.

    We engineer, develop, manufacture and certify special security devices.